The Edge: July 1-7, 2019

Hey! Welcome to the pilot episode of THE EDGE! Black Oak Casino Resorts weekly show high-lighting the biggest news happening this week. Today is July 1st and this week The Mill’s got a delicious new burger, we’ve got a new floor-wide bonus, there’s a new Poker promotion, and the Westside Pavilion is headlining musical talents Chris Young and Snoop Dogg. Get hyped!

Speaking of cards, today is also the start for the new Cash Board inside the Poker Room. You’ve got 21 ways to win! The prize starts at $25 and every Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday it will grow by another $25. The High Hand can win up to $400. And there is also a weekly free role of $500. For more info on the rules, head to the poker room!

Looking for a place to eat and celebrate the downfall of British colonization? Head to the Mill to experience the majesty of the “Freedom Burger.” Four juicy beef patties, American cheese, secret sauce, and shredded lettuce. If you hand this thing a rifle, it’ll invade a small country. It also comes with fries and a root beer float mousse.

I bet that burger’s got you in the mood for a cold beer and some good country music. Well, you’re in luck because Chris Young and Lindsey Ell will be here Friday July 5th. So slip on your boots, button your flannel, and drive your pickup to buy tickets now. 

And believe it or not, this Saturday Snoop Dogg and friends will be performing at the Westside Pavilion. That’s right, Snoop D-O Double-G is going to be here in Tuolumne county. Don’t miss your chance to see this west coast legend in person! Links to purchase tickets to either show are available in the video description. 

That’s it for this week, I’m your host Alexander Wayne and I hope you like our new show. I’ll see you next week to give you the Edge! 


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